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And So We Sleep

This is a reminder of the power of love to help us deal with the stresses of life.

photo by Cathy Mu from Unsplash

And So We Sleep

Falling asleep, I touch the night

As consciousness creeps out of sight

Replaced by dreams out of control

To mock the mind and time they stole

To fill the gaps left by the stress

Of days filled with ungodly mess

Responsibility gone mad

And joy and hopes and dreams turned sad

Yet consciousness of love retains

Sweet melodies of life’s refrain

Of joy and hope and dreams, a song

To sing with those who came along

And so, these melodies of life

Become the antidote to strife

They are the angel choir we hear

When loved-ones whisper in our ear

And spark a dream, or calm a fear

Or make us laugh, or shed a tear

When beauty is too much to bear

Our souls cry out, a song to share

And one of those who came along

Will offer us their inmost song

Rekindling trust that love will keep

Us safe tonight, and so we sleep

© 2020 Russell E. Willis. First appeared in The Write Launch, Issue 37 (June 2020).

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