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Angel Trumpet

Also know as the Moonflower, this species is vibrantly beautiful, especially after collecting raindrops!

An Angel Trumpet (Moonflower) after a rainstorm -- Vermont, August 2021
photo by Russell E. Willis (2021)


With that same quality of white

it shares with its namesake --

the deep white of a full moon

in a deep night feeling no competition

from the only other intruders, pale

pricks of faraway stars, it’s shadows

swimming in the darkness among

the inanimate folk of the glade --

a late-summer moonflower catches

raindrops like jewels woven into a

gown fit for a queen, or a crown

of pure, milky silk cushioning the

silver headband while catching

it’s jewels much like a moonflower

after a late morning storm

on a late summer day.

© 2021 Russell E. Willis

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