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Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

This poem, which first appeared in THE POET Magazine (a great source of beautiful, uplifting writing from international poets), suggests that there is a lot at stake whether your glass is half full or half empty.

Glass Half-full
photo by Joseph Greve on Unsplash


Six ounces in a glass that can hold 12

Knowing, without a doubt, that the glass is half full

Knowing there are others who see a glass half empty

Knowing there are yet others who think that

Arguing whether the glass is half full or half empty is a silly waste of time

However, for those who see a half-full glass, there is a lot at stake

The very essence of life, of being.

Compelled to glass-half-fullness by our souls, not our minds

An act of faith, not logic, or politics

The oscillation of our moral compass

Not a measurement on a ruler

Risking our tongues snapping off if we acknowledged that

Glass-half-fullness is equal to glass-half-emptiness

Risking even more, for the world needs glass-half-fullness

Balancing the dogmas of cynicism

Refusing to surrender principle for exigency

Persistent, resilient even when optimism appears inadequate

Speaking truth to the principalities and powers

Such that Truth is Good and love the countervailing (and essential) power.


© 2021 Russell E. Willis First appeared in THE POET Magazine - Profiles, 2021.


And yes, you have to count the drops!

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