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Sunrise on a New Year

photo by Russell E. Willis - Vermont 2022


The busyness of life now slowed

While seeds of calmness quietly sowed

Though plans and plots might be delayed

The headlong drive to triumph staid

Creates a zone that’s free from stress

The substitute for more is less

Calm, a contagion that infects

Our inmost soul, our rage deflects

Replaced by replicating cells

Of hopes and dreams that gently quells

The lust to win at any cost

That path through which our souls are lost

A stillness grounded not of “me”

Like Eden’s vaunted knowledge tree

Stands vigil on our berserk world

Ignoring insults flipply hurled

Absorbing fear, a potent balm

Starts fashioning a realm of calm

Welcoming souls of every sort

No single power holding court

No power blithely spawning waves

No segregating into slaves

Just stillness of the healing kind

None forsaken, none left behind

© 2018 Russell E. Willis First appeared in The MOON magazine (August 2019).

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